Nvidia’s RTX Voice feature that eliminates background noises that would otherwise come through your microphone debuted exclusively on costly RTX graphics cards. My colleague Taylor Lyles wrote back in September 2020 that the company patched RTX Voice software to run on older GeForce GTX, Quadro, or Titan-branded GPUs all the way back in September 2020, but I was just reminded of it today from Tom’s Hardware.

Given that Nvidia’s newest RTX 30-series graphics cards are pricey and tough to find (as are just about any kind of somewhat capable GPU), this is a good way to extend the utility of older hardware if you don’t want to upgrade yet. If your graphics card is running Nvidia’s 410.18 driver, models down to the GTX 600-series released in 2012 should be able to run the feature once you download it. Here’s a link to the download.

Once you have that installed, check out the how-to guide that my colleague Jon Porter wrote that goes through the steps on configuring your sound settings to take advantage of RTX Voice.

Correction: This article was originally written as if this feature coming to non-RTX GPUs was new. Nvidia confirmed to The Verge that it has been available since late September 2020 when Nvidia debuted its Broadcast app. We regret the error.

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