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Be the star of your own movie.
Be the star of your own movie.

Image: GenieCollection

TL;DR: Get all the best angles with the Movii 360° rotating selfie stick for $58.99, a 30% savings as of June 1.

Selfie sticks were cool for like, a minute. But now, it’s 2020, and there are better options for stepping up your photo and video game. Like the Movii 360° Rotating Phone Gimbal.

This interactive mount swivels 360 degrees while tracking your every move, allowing you to be the star of your own movie, live out your dreams as a YouTube sensation, or take creative photos without the need for a cameraman. There’s a real-time target tracking shooting function, which chases object movement and automatically captures interesting pictures, plus a face-tracking mode that can automatically recognize your face. Basically, wherever you go, it follows, like having your own personal photographer. Creepy? A bit. But definitely cool, too. Just imagine how much better your TikToks will be.

Beyond 360-degree shooting, this thing also features a two-person shooting mode, allowing you to freeze intimate moments in time, and AI composition, which automatically makes photos of people or pets look top-notch. The elastic grip ensures your phone is securely supported (compatible with 56-100mm phones) and the alkaline batteries provide a whopping 50 hours of continuous shooting. In other words, your phone will die before the Movii does.

Here’s how it works: insert the battery on the Movii, then place your phone on the grips. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and start up the Apai Genie app. (Yes, there’s an accompanying app, because of course there is). Once you’re connected, you can start shooting for hours on end. Or, at least, until your phone dies.

Regularly, the Movii 360° Rotating Selfie Stick costs $85, but you can save 30% and pick it up on sale for just $58.99.

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