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The Backmate Massage System fits in most doorways and can help you relax.
The Backmate Massage System fits in most doorways and can help you relax.

Image: Backmate

TL;DR: Get the relief you’ve been looking for with The Backmate Massage System for $124.99, a 16% savings as of June 29. 

Since none of us can really go to the spa for massages these days, we’re all looking for an alternative that truly works. And chances are your roommate/partner isn’t it.

Sure, we’ve intro’d you to massagers before, but never anything quite as industrious as the Backmate Massage System. This lightweight little gadget turns a standard doorway into an instant self-care refuge. Yup, any old doorway.

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Portable and discreet, it’s a simple way to roll out aches and pains on your neck, back, shoulders, legs, and pretty much anywhere else. The system itself looks like a pull-up bar’s way cooler cousin. Its sleek engineering allows you to target virtually any part of your body so that you can apply pressure that feels just right — without having to wrap yourself into an uncomfortable position to get the job done.

The genius of the Backmate Massage System is that it features adjustable rollers that are heaven on sore muscles. The kicker is that they’re fully adjustable and interchangeable. The system also comes with a set of blade-shaped rollers, so you can play around with your options to see what feels best. The reduced price tag, which comes in at $124.99, only sweetens the deal. 

Check it out:

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Its smart design also makes setup a breeze. Fit it into any 24- to 36-inch doorway, rotate it into position, lock the lever, and you’re good to go. From there, you can rotate the rollers to your heart’s content, unlocking different sensations for your stiff muscles to enjoy.

If you’re living that WFH life parked in front of your computer, the Backmate Massage System is the ultimate in relieving stiffness from staring at a screen all day. An added perk is that it pulls double duty, helping to loosen tight muscles for increased flexibility and improved range of motion. 

Feel free to take this bad boy on the go — it features a quick release and weighs only 3.5 pounds. Snag it for 16% off here, just $124.99.

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