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DYY 1440P HD Webcam | $20 | Amazon | Promo Code 50WDW2CV

It seems like having a decent webcam is basically a 2020 essential at this point. Luckily for you, we’ve got a promo code so you can make that happen for practically a song.


Get almost 50% off of the DYY 1440 HD webcam with promo code 50WDW2CV, bringing it down to $20.

This webcam rotates on its base so you can capture the perfect angle, whether for work meetings, video calls with your mom, or a virtual happy hour with your friends. I looked through the reviews, and it seems most are saying this is a simple plug-and-play device with no annoying installation of any kind required—so this might even be a good option for tech-phobic family.


This promo code is only good until Thursday, September 24, so don’t wait too long.