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Emma Stone stars as the titular character in Disney's "Cruella."

Emma Stone stars as the titular character in Disney’s “Cruella.”

Image: Nicole Cammorata / Mashable

What: Cruella

Where to watch: In theaters and on Disney+

Premiere date: May 28, 2021

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. Emma Stone stars as Cruella de Vil in the film Cruella, which follows the early evil exploits of one of Disney’s most notorious villains. The live action feature is set to arrive with a dual streaming and theatrical release.

Filled to the brim with killer costumes, Cruella gives viewers a glimpse of the villain’s early years — where she says she wants to make art, as well as trouble — and several of her attention-grabbing looks. Check out the trailer below:

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Thinking about tuning in? Here’s what you need to know.

How can I watch Cruella?

Cruella hits theaters and Disney+ as of Friday, May 28. It is just one of many films to get a simultaneous streaming and theatrical release due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

I know nothing about Cruella aside from her being the bad guy in 101 Dalmatians. What’s this film about?

Cruella attempts to offer the would-be puppy-skinning villain her own origin story. It’s set in 1970s London, during the punk rock revolution, and gives a glimpse into her early fashion career as she tries to rise up the ranks. This is the third appearance of the character, who made her debut in the 1961 animated film, followed by the 1996 live-action remake (where she was played by Glenn Close.)

What are people saying about Cruella so far?

While media previews haven’t yet happened at the time of this writing, critics had plenty to say about the Cruella trailer, including Mashable entertainment reporter Proma Khosla, noting, “Dazzling fashion, growling dogs, and general villainy are at the center of our first look at the prequel.” Some other highlights:

  • “Although Emma Stone’s (Superbad) Cruella is giving a fresh, bold reimagining of the character, many Twitter users are divided about Disney’s casting choice and the film’s first trailer.” — Jill Murphy, list writer at Screen Rant

  • “Her enigmatic look is chic with bold costumes and statement hairstyles with black, white and red hair. This brief introduction to her character is impactful, so much so that many have already started comparing it to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.” — Entertainment Desk, Something Haute

  • “There’s a moment in the first trailer for Disney’s live-action Cruella movie when Emma Stone utters in a terrible faux British accent, ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’ It feels less like something Disney fans will remember from the iconic 101 Dalmatians villain, Cruella de Vil, and more like Jared Leto’s Joker telling Batman, ‘We live in a society.’” — Julia Alexander, reporter at The Verge

Disney+ doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can snag a subscription for $7.99 a month or $79.99 annually.

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