Wondering when WandaVision episode 5 is released on Disney Plus? The next episode of the MCU TV show is scheduled to release on Friday, February 5, at midnight PT / 3AM ET / 8AM GMT. New episodes will then follow every Friday at the same time, with WandaVision due to air nine episodes in total. 

WandaVision is the first MCU TV show to launch on Disney Plus, and its release schedule is following the same pattern as past originals like The Mandalorian. It’ll be followed by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which begins in March. 

Following the events of WandaVision episode 4, where we started to learn how the town of Westview definitely isn’t what it seems and how SWORD factors into the story, it’s worth keeping up with the show weekly as it gets closer and closer to feeling like the MCU proper. WandaVision episode 5 is likely to take us back to the sitcom-style format we’ve been enjoying to date. 

You can read our our spoiler-free WandaVision review of the first three episodes, if you’re still on the fence about checking the series out on Disney Plus. You can also read our spoiler-filled WandaVision episode 1 recap if you want deeper analysis, with episode 2 of WandaVision covered too. We’ve also got a WandaVision episode 3 recap, as well.

Below, we’ll discuss when WandaVision launches its next episode on Disney Plus, including a full release schedules of episodes that are coming up.

When is WandaVision episode 5 released on Disney Plus?

WandaVision episode 5 is going to release on Friday, February 6 2021, streaming on Disney Plus from midnight PT / 3AM ET / 8AM GMT. Depending on where you live, this might mean staying up late to avoid spoilers.

WandaVision release schedule

Want a full list of WandaVision episode release dates? See the below for a complete list, which we don’t expect to change in the coming weeks.

  • WandaVision episode 1: January 15
  • WandaVision episode 2: January 15
  • WandaVision episode 3: January 22
  • WandaVision episode 4: January 29
  • WandaVision episode 5: February 5
  • WandaVision episode 6: February 12
  • WandaVision episode 7: February 19
  • WandaVision episode 8: February 26
  • WandaVision episode 9: March 5

Will WandaVision lead straight into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

There will be a two-week gap between WandaVision’s final episode and the start of the second Marvel TV show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. You’ll have a little time to catch your breath before we catch up with Sam and Bucky, then.