While most of the world is still catching up to 4K, one company is already making next-gen 8K holographic displays that are available… well, today.

That company is called Looking Glass, and it’s pioneered the world’s first 8K holographic display that uses cutting-edge light field technology to create 3D-like images. 

Unfortunately, you probably can’t use it to watch Netflix. 

Looking Glass’ target demographic is actually the scientific world, and specifically teams that need high-resolution renders of things like muscle-skeletal groups, engineering concepts or topographical features. 

We got the chance to see the technology back at CES – and even lauded it as one of the biggest upcoming TV technologies to keep an eye on – so it’s exciting to see that the technology is going to be available to the world… well, at least the part of the world that can afford the display’s exorbitant asking price.

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If you have to ask, you can’t afford it 

How much does it cost? Unfortunately Looking Glass doesn’t list a price on its website, and is requiring interested parties to call for a quote – that’s a dead giveaway that it’s not cheap. But that makes sense as the display really isn’t for the mainstream TV watcher.

Considering that non-holographic 8K TVs like the Samsung Q950TS sell for upwards of $13,000, it’s fair to expect this display to cost at least twice as much and likely many, many times more. 

Although it’s probably out of reach for most us right now, who knows, give it 10 years and maybe we’ll all own 8K holographic TVs.

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