TLDR: The Ultimate PMP, Six Sigma and Minitab Certification Bundle prepares learners for the process of training and statistics mastery to be a respected project manager.

Training to become a certified project manager may include some of the most diverse and widest-ranging skill sets in business education. From focuses on process-driven step-by-step methodology to fostering better communication to hardcore stat-heavy data analytics understanding, the shaping of a true project manager brings a lot to the table.

Like we said, it’s a lot. But with the training in The Ultimate PMP, Six Sigma and Minitab Certification Bundle ($49.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals), you’ll have a well-rounded resume of abilities to take on major organizational projects and bring them to a successful end with flying colors.

This package includes 12 courses focused on three specific areas of training: understanding the process-heavy steps of the PMP project management methodology, the refinement-driven tactics favored by Six Sigma users; and the favored data analysis tool Minitab.

PMP kicks off your exploration of the PM field. The coursework in Lean Masterclass: Part 1 (Become Certified Lean Proficient); Lean Masterclass: Part 2 (Become a Certified Lean Expert); and Lean Masterclass: Become a Certified Just-In-Time Specialist outline the steps for planning and carrying out a major project. You’ll also dig into how to know what needs to be fixed along the way to boost your chances of success.

Meanwhile, Six Sigma looks at your process and wants to help you flatten out every possible variation or deviation from the norm that might impact your work. Over six courses, that approach to eliminating anything that can slow you down help you move from white belt beginner to green and yellow belt Six Sigma practitioner to full-fledged black best master.

A key tenet of Six Sigma is using data to spot and fix problems, so you’ll also get some heavy data analytics training with the three-part Minitab Masterclass courses. While understanding graphical tools, control charts, and hypothesis tests, you’ll be able to step up and full command a major business project as well as add some major certifications to their resume.

Including nearly $2,000 worth of training, this entire 12-course bundle is now more than 90 percent off its regular price, all the way down to only $49.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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