The coronavirus pandemic can complicate things if you’re considering adopting a dog. How do you find the perfect pup if you can’t even leave your home? 

There might now be a solution. The dog food brand Pedigree is working to set up dog adoptions via Zoom meetings. 

It makes sense, really. We all live on Zoom, or FaceTime, or Google Hangouts — it’s how we connect with friends and family — so why not use it to connect with pups?

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The website for the initiative,, explains the idea is to let me people virtually meet dogs, ask questions, and adopt all without leaving their homes. 

This week, Pedigree is working with the Nashville Humane Association to put on adoption Zoom meetings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The meetings take place at 5 p.m. local time. You can sign up for one of the Zoom meetings here. 

Pedigree will also pay the adoption fees from the event, so any adoption will be totally free. There seems to be increased interest in adoption and fostering — shelters were nearly emptied in some of the hardest-hit regions as the coronavirus pandemic began. 

This week the brand is working with the Nashville Humane Association but has indicated on its site that more shelters will be coming soon.

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