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Project 11 different colors of light with just a push of a button.
Project 11 different colors of light with just a push of a button.

Image: Cybertopia

TL;DR: Indulge your inner child with this realistic lightsaber-style sword on sale for 27% off, dropping the price to just $109.99.

Life on lockdown can make anyone a little loony. We all have our coping mechanisms: from perfecting the art of making sourdough bread to partaking in TikTok challenges. Some of us are binge-watching scandalous reality shows (Too Hot to Handle, anyone?!) and spending hours on Animal Crossing. But there’s only so much you can do while cooped up at home, and at this point, you might be running out of ideas.

May we offer a suggestion? How does battling your roommates or family using a lightsaber-style sword sound?

No, seriously. Hear us out. The CyberSaber is a working laser sword that allows you to unleash your inner Jedi. It comes equipped with realistic sound effects and can project 11 different light colors with just a push of a button.

Ideal for sci-fi and Star Wars enthusiasts — and anyone looking for creative ways to pass the time — the CyberSaber is a great distraction. In addition to the sounds and lights, it also comes with a detachable, ultra-durable, and battle-ready blade. (And while it may be obvious, it’s worth noting that this is in no way official Star Wars merch. It still looks cool, though.)

As for the technical stuff, its aerospace-grade aluminum hilt is precision milled using a CNC machine, resulting in an ergonomic grip that feels comfortable to wield. That way, when you use it against, say, your younger sibling, you can “battle” them in full force. And since it’s so realistic, you can use it to show off your laser sword skills at parties — when parties are finally allowed, of course— or display it in your room as decoration.

The CyberSaber usually retails for $149.99, but you can get it for only $109.99 in your choice of color.

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