On top of everything else you might be dealing with during the pandemic, if your sleep is disrupted by an old, uncomfortable mattress, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Quality mattresses generally aren’t cheap, even on sale, and bed-in-a-box makers are notorious at always having a sale going of some kind, but the Memorial Day discounts on all our favorite mattresses are slightly better than the other sales throughout the year. Labor Day will likely be the next good time to purchase.

If you’re ready to take the leap and buy a mattress in a box, read WIRED’s guide to the best mattresses to find out more on what we liked and why. To help with your decision, we also explain the difference between hybrid and all-foam mattresses, and point out some models to avoid.

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Our Favorite Mattress

Photograph: Helix

Helix Sleep’s Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress is one of most comfortable beds Reviews Editor Jeffrey Van Camp has tried. It was the only one to literally put him to sleep while testing—in the case of mattress testing, that’s a good thing. Its individually wrapped coils are firmer in the areas that need it; but it’s expensive even on sale, so it’s truly a luxurious option.

If you spend over $1,750, which you will if you get the queen-size, you can get $200 off with code MDWS200 at checkout. If you spend $1,250 or more, the code MDWS150 will get you a $150 discount, and MDWS100 gets you $100 off any mattress. Each discount also includes two free pillows.

More Mattress Deals

Photograph: Allswell
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