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Keep your contacts up-to-date.
Keep your contacts up-to-date.

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TL;DR: Get a year subscription to for $11.99, an 88% savings as of April 26.

While crafting the perfect email is an art form in itself, without the right audience, even a perfect email is pointless. You need to build a robust list of engaged users to market your product or service to the right people. And this powerful email extracting tool can help you out.

Eighty-one percent of small businesses rely on email as their primary marketing channel. Not Instagram. Not Facebook. Email. Why? Because it works, duh. But only if you have a solid customer list. And since most brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to close indefinitely, email has become even more crucial for businesses trying to build and maintain their customer relationships. 

Web-based email extraction tool takes care of some of the grunt work of relationship management for you by website crawling, URL crawling, searching via Google, Bing, or TXT file, and more to suss out public email addresses and add them to your list. It also helps keep your list as up-to-date as possible by removing dupes, validating email addresses, and searching for whois data.

Just enter a web address and EmailScraper scrapes the site to extract email addresses from all of your targeted URLs. Don’t have a website in mind? You can also use keywords to search email addresses for extraction. Say you’re hosting an advanced web design seminar online. Type “web design” as the keyword in the input field and select Google or Bing for searching. Or, get even more specific by selecting a social network to collect from. It’s really that easy. You’ll quickly build up a list and be ready to reach the audience you should be reaching. Then, get back to work crafting that perfect email.

Typically, a year-long subscription to would cost you $100, but you can sign up for just $11.99 while it’s on sale.