There are hundreds of Memorial Day sales out there, which can make shopping the first sale of the summer feel less like a handy way to save money and more like a chore. If you’re scrolling through stores trying to find the best discounts and deals, fear not. We’ve rounded them up below.

If you’re shopping for mattresses, all of our favorites are on sale this long weekend. If you’re hunting for smart home gear, we have a roundup that’s worth a look. And finally, if you want to help support our data-driven journalism and expert buying advice, please consider subscribing to WIRED Magazine for a year of print and digital access for just $5.

Updated on May 24, 2020: We’ve checked through links to make sure everything is still available. We’ll continue to update this post throughout the shopping holiday.

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Tech Deals

wonderboom speaker
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speakerPhotograph: Ultimate Ears

Outdoor Deals

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Photograph: BioLite
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