This keyboard from Jelly Comb (Rating: 6/10) is the only keyboard I looked at that includes a touchpad. It’s a neat little folding keyboard that folds down to about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ I used in my tests. It supports Bluetooth 3 and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

While the design is neat, it has some serious downsides. The wide hinges mean that some of the keys are much smaller than others: The t and v, for instance, are half the size of other keys; and it is easy to hit the bulge of the hinge rather than the keys next to it. The other keys are decently sized and have a pleasant feel with a good amount of vertical travel. The touchpad is also smaller than most laptop touchpads, which makes precise maneuvering more difficult. Plus, while the presence of the touchpad is a plus for Windows devices, it’s superfluous for Android users. For Apple users, the appalling mouse support in iOS 13 means the touchpad doesn’t really add much to the iPhone or iPad.

So, the Jelly Comb keyboard might appeal to those using Windows devices, or those spending a lot of time remotely controlling a desktop computer from a phone. But if you’re looking to type comfortably, this one serves up too much wasted space.

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