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Find your WFH niche.
Find your WFH niche.

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TL;DR: Stay busy at home with The Remote Work and Productivity Bundle for $29.99, a 97% savings as of May 23.

Many nine-to-fivers are undeniably struggling with the “new normal” of working from home. Transitioning from a cubicle to a couch wasn’t exactly in the cards a few months back, but for many, it’s looking more and more like this could be a permanent change.

Working from home is admittedly easier for some than others. But the good news is, if you’re willing to adapt, it doesn’t have to be the endless struggle you envision. Check out this Remote Work and Productivity Bundle for a little push in the right direction, a set of seven courses that are on sale for a limited time.

Focusing on everything from mindset to routine, this bundle can help you become a more productive, efficient, and successful version of yourself while working from home. Heck, you might even want to banish that nine-to-five life in the past after all. 

Here’s a glimpse into what each course covers:

How To Be Hyper Productive In Your Home Based Business

If you constantly find yourself getting distracted and wasting your valuable time, this is the course for you. Lifelong entrepreneur Dave Espino will help you develop the disciplines and habits necessary to get more work done in less time. Plus, learn how to stay hyper-focused on the most important things at any given moment.

Coronavirus and Remote Work: Tools and Tactics for Business Continuity

This one-hour course will walk you through the steps of transitioning to a fully-online WFH status without sacrificing productivity, communication, or morale in your business. Teacher, business owner, and mentor Michelle Coussens will help you create a plan and learn ways to foster creativity and innovation while working independently.

Managing Reptilian Brain Tendencies in Fearful Times

Often, it’s underlying anxiety and stress that keep us from focusing on our work — especially in uncertain times. In this course, you’ll learn proven ways to interrupt or minimize the natural stress response to threats and apply those techniques to positively impact your work life, as well as your home life.

7 Habits of High Achievers: A 7-Step Plan for Winning In Life

With 4.8 out of 5 stars on Udemy, this popular course might hold the secret to success. Also led by Dave Espino, he’ll walk you through the seven-step formula he used to achieve greatness. 

Freelancing: How to Work from Home Doing Freelance Gigs

This highly-rated class taught by Espino will open your eyes to the world of freelancing. You’ll learn the wide variety of services you can provide clients as a freelancer, find the best places to list your services online, and maybe even discover your own personal niche.

Work From Home: 5 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge and Skills Into an Online Business

If you need a clear roadmap to work from home opportunities, this course is your best bet. It introduces you to five of the best, legitimate ways to build a solid income from the comfort of your couch, giving you direction and guidance on how to make them work.

Online Business: Work from Home

Once you find your WFH niche, this course can show you how to transform your ideas and skills into a structured business model. It covers affiliate marketing, branding, social media presence, and more.

Worth well over $1,000, you can sign up for this Remote Work and Productivity Bundle on sale for just $29.99. That’s a massive 97% discount for those counting.