Allplants makes it quick and easy to eat 100 percent plant-based meals as part of your busy day-to-day routine. 
Allplants delivers totally plant-based dishes, prepared by chefs, to your door. Meals are ready to eat in minutes from frozen, and all the packaging used is 100 percent recyclable, partly compostable, and mostly reusable. 
When you hear frozen, it’s easy to think that the food isn’t as nutritious, but Allplants disagree. The company state that freezing the food “locks in your nutrition for longer” and makes each dish available on your schedule.
The cost for a one off order is £46.02 for six single portions, and £68.04 for six double portions. You can save 12 percent by subscribing, bringing the cost to £40.50 for six single portions, or £59.88 for six double portions.
You can now get £10 off your first order with the exclusive code MASH10. 

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