Now that we’re all spending so much time indoors, many of us are looking to upgrade our home spaces. Whether you’re tired of vacuuming, have discovered the joy of one-pot meals, or recently realized your thermostat isn’t exactly the smartest tool in the shed, many of the biggest tech companies are offering deals on some of our favorite smart (and smart-ish) home products for Memorial Day.

Here are our favorite home deals so far. We’ll be sure to keep this article updated as we find more discounted favorites throughout the long weekend.

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Kitchen Deals

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  • Instant Pot Duo for $79 ($21 off): One tool that has become indispensable in my kitchen during quarantine is the Instant Pot. I can quickly cook up rice, beans, and one-pot meals. In a pinch, it can even cook a frozen chicken breast to succulent perfection in less than an hour.

  • Google Nest Hub for $90 ($40 off): The Nest Hub makes it easy to check recipes, set timers, and listen to music while you cook. You can even watch YouTube videos for instructions. If you’ve found yourself cooking a lot these days, it’s the perfect sous chef.

  • Google Nest Mini for $40 ($10 off): If you’re not a fan of screens, check out this little smart speaker from Google. Google Assistant is my favorite smart assistant for the kitchen, because it’s so good at conversions. Don’t believe me? Ask it what three cups is in liters. It’s the best basic Google Assistant speaker around.

  • Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $160 ($120 off): Now that you’re home all the time, it’s probably messier. A robot vacuum like this one from Deebot (which is steeply discounted for Memorial Day) has been one of my favorite home appliances for years. It does its thing daily, so I never have to worry too much about dog hair or crumbs around the fridge. Just know that its sensors aren’t quite as good as the best robot vacuums we’ve tested.

Living Room Deals

roku smart soundbar with remote
Photograph: Roku
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