Everyone has a favorite switch type, but usually, you have to choose before you get your keyboard. And what if you decide that you want to try a different switch for more click or more clack? You have to get a whole new keyboard. But the Logitech G Pro X solves that problem by offering key kits so you can customize each and every key on your keyboard, choosing from three different switch types: GX Blue Clicky switches (for a crisp click and thicker keystroke), GX Red Linear (for a quieter, smoother, but still satisfying keystroke), or GX Brown Tactile (with a soft stroke and tactile feedback).

That’s kind of incredible. Personally I like Blue and Red switches for different purposes. During testing, I used Blues for my W, A, S, and D keys (for movement in games), and Red switches on other letters for a smooth typing experience. Oh, and Brown switches for the spacebar and shift keys just to mix it up. That level of customization makes the G Pro X stand out as the best overall mechanical keyboard, because no matter what you prefer, you can create your perfect typing and gaming experience with this keyboard.

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