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Investing in a quality password manager can help ease your worries about cybercriminals.
Investing in a quality password manager can help ease your worries about cybercriminals.

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TL;DR: Keep your information safe with a lifetime subscription to the PassCamp Password Manager for $49.99, a 87% savings as of May 18.

With the world turned upside down these days, businesses everywhere have been finding ways to shift gears. Distilleries have become hand-sanitizer facilities, food suppliers have shifted to meal delivery services, and tiny-home makers have transformed into home-office builders. But some companies were built for this “new normal” from the start, like PassCamp Password Manager.

Hackers are taking full advantage of everyone working from home (just look at what happened with Zoom), and with so many security loopholes, who can blame them? That’s where PassCamp swoops in to save the day.

While most password managers were made with individual users in mind, PassCamp’s focus is to make password management easy and efficient for remote teams. It allows team members to share, track, and control access, logins, and other sensitive company info safely without worrying about cybercriminals stealing their precious data. With zero-knowledge proof, end-to-end encryption, and other security technologies, all the data companies store in PassCamp is untouchable to both hackers and even PassCamp itself.

Here’s how it works: PassCamp lets you set up a unique login URL for your team, so team members can access the passwords they need in just a few clicks. You can customize permissions and access and add guests (contractors, clients, freelancers) when you need to collaborate. If your current password is lacking, PassCamp will even help generate stronger ones and automatically update them across team members’ accounts. The goal? To keep everyone on the same page even when they’re not in the same place.

Get a glimpse at all it has to offer:

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Since nobody knows how long we’ll all be working from home, it’s best to just bump up your security for the long haul. That’s why PassCamp Password Manager is offering lifetime subscriptions for up to 10 users for just $49.99 — a ridiculous 87% off the regular cost.

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