The electric car startup specializing in long-range SUVs, Rivian, has reopened its factory in the US following a temporary shutdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Back at the end of March, Rivian closed its factories and offices to help quell the spread of COVID-19. But it seems that production is already starting to return to Normal, Illinois, where one Rivian factory is based, reports. A company spokesperson confirmed yesterday that a small group of essential workers returned to the plant mid-May. A second group will return next week, they added.

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Whether things actually will be normal is another matter, snafu. According to a report from InsideEVs, Rivian is implementing a plan to keep as many of its employees working from home as possible.

This plan will also see Rivian control how many workers will be on-site every day. Each worker will also be supplied with protective clothing and equipment, and temperature checks will also be carried out to ensure individuals are safe to work at the facility.

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Credit: Rivian
Rivian is currently getting two all-electric SUVs ready for launch. The company is also working with Amazon to develop all-electric delivery vehicles.

Those still unable to return to work at Rivian will continue to receive full salary and compensation.

With backers like Ford and Amazon, Rivian is slowly but surely making a name for itself in the EV industry. Alongside its SUVs the company is working with Amazon to deploy 100,000 electric delivery trucks for the online retailer.

Unfortunately for the EV startup, Ford and its American luxury brand Lincoln canceled its Rivian-powered high-end EV amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying the time wasn’t right to develop such a vehicle.

Rivian was originally slated to launch its first vehicle to the public this year, but with the economic downturn and pauses in production 2021 appears to be a more realistic expectation.

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