Anker has announced a new webcam as part of its new AnkerWork line of home office gear. The new webcam, called the PowerConf C300, is a 1080p webcam with a “built-in AI chipset,” which Anker says “provides a high-quality image with accurate color reproduction and unparalleled low-light performance.”

The webcam offers three field-of-view options: 78 degrees, intended for closeups; 90 degrees; and 115 degrees, which offers a wider field of view. It also has dual stereo microphones that can pick up your voice. The PowerConf C300 is available at Amazon,, and “select retailers,” and it costs $129.99 in the US, €129.99 in Germany, and £119.00 in the UK.

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Anker also announced a new portable conference speaker, the PowerConf S500. Pricing and availability will be announced at a later date, the company said.

The news of Anker’s new webcam and speaker comes the same day that Microsoft also announced a speaker designed for conference calls and a webcam of its own. Webcams have been in high demand during the pandemic as people have used them while working from home, attending remote school, or even just to catch up with friends and family, and Microsoft and Anker’s new offerings give people more options to choose from.

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