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Elden Ring might not be exactly like The Lord of the Rings, but it’s got enough swords, sorcery, and grotesque monsters to make the High King of Gondor feel at home. At least, that’s what a new fan-made mashup indicates, as it shows Aragorn happily running, fighting, and kicking his way through the Lands Between.

YouTuber eli_handle_b has edited various clips of Peter Jackon’s film trilogy into Elden Ring, stitching them all together into a minute-long video tease. Aragorn fits wonderfully into the fantasy landscape, but more impressive is the way in which the clips have been carefully assembled to match his actions to his surroundings.

At one point, he slashes at a Tree Sentinel on horseback. At another, he casts his hand over a player message to read it. Later, he faces off against Margit and even gives Pot Boy a good kicking.

It’s 60 seconds long and well worth watching.

It’s a fun little metagame to try to work out which scenes of The Lord of the Rings films have been pulled from. The moment Aragon charges towards the camera with two Skeletal Militiamen by his side is clearly taken from the Battle of Pelennor Fields, where he rushes into the fray alongside the Army of Dead. 

It looks like the scene in which Aragorn enters an underground lake is edited from the moment the Fellowship enters the Mines of Moria, and the scene where Viggo Mortensen famously kicked an Uruk-hai helmet and broke his toe is replaced with him kicking poor Iron Fist Alexander up the rear.

Eli_handle_b has made plenty of mashups like this before. They replaced Mass Effect’s Captain Shephard with Austin Powers last year, after putting Mr Bean into Cyberpunk 2077 and Walter White in Half-life 2.

This isn’t the first time that characters of Middle-earth have made their way into the Lands Between, either. One Elden Ring player recorded themself and a buddy prancing around the action RPG to recreate Frodo and Sam’s journey from the Shire to Mount Doom.

Another player figured out how to effectively turn themselves into a Sith Lord by equipping a specific array of Incantations and donning black robes. It looks very stylish, indeed.

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