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If you’re going to listen to a life coach, you could probably do a lot worse than Barack Obama.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday, the former president and author took questions from members of the show’s staff, who had a various life issues they needed help with — and he didn’t always hold back with those answers.

Obama’s thoughts on liking an ex’s photo on Instagram at three in the morning, for instance? “I think you should go to sleep earlier.”

And on the question of how to handle a post-pandemic date? “How is this a problem? You have gone to dinner with people before, right? You know how restaurants work?”

The segment finished on a more heartfelt note, though, when a member of the band asked Obama for his thoughts on parenting. “Not only love them unconditionally, but treat their moms great,” he replied. “Because your daughters are watching how their mom’s being treated, so if they see that you love and respect and support their mom, then when they get older that’s what they’re going to expect for themselves.”