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TL;DR: As of Aug. 25, over a dozen Nintendo Switch accessories are on sale at Best Buy for up to 50% off.

You finally did it. You managed to track down a Nintendo Switch.

First off: Congratulations! Both the regular Switch and the Switch Lite have been sold out everywhere for most of 2020, so you were incredibly lucky to find one in stock. Consider buying a lottery ticket or two while you’re at it.

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Secondly: After taking advantage of Nintendo’s ongoing Share the Fun savings event to score some games for cheap, be sure to head over to Best Buy for deals on all the Switch accessories you could ever want and/or need, including controllers, cases, a portable charger, and more. (The last time we checked, most items were enjoying discounts of 40 to 50% off retail price.)

Keep scrolling to explore the sale’s highlights, or click here to jump over to Best Buy’s website and see all of its available offers.

This highly rated wired controller sports soft rubber grips and etched images of some of your favorite Super Mario characters. It’s completely sold out on Amazon, but you can score it on sale at Best Buy for $14.99 (a 40% savings).

FWIW, that same controller also comes in a yellow “Pikachu Silhouette” variant, in case you’re more of a Pokémon person. (It’s sold out on Amazon, too.) Click here to snag it for that same sale price of $14.99.

Great for gamers on the go, this compact case has room for up to 10 game cartridges, a standard Switch console, and whatever cables you need to charge it. Best Buy has it on sale in black and red for $7.49, which is 50% off its $14.99 MSRP.

P.S. A slightly slimmer version of that case with room for the Switch Lite and up to eight cartridges is also on sale at Best Buy — click here to order it in black for $6.49, or half off its usual price of $12.99.

Featuring an adjustable viewing stand and a hardshell exterior debossed with a Breath of the Wild-inspired design, this (much fancier) case can hold a Switch Lite, four game cartridges, and two microSD cards. It’s sold out on Amazon and both Target and GameStop have it listed at full price ($19.99), but you can get it at Best Buy for just $9.99 — a 50% savings.

This beefy rechargeable battery pack for the Switch Lite has a built-in stand, ventilation cutouts for proper airflow, and a USB-C port that allows you to juice up your console at the same time you’re playing it. Hit the blue button below to order one for only $19.99 — that’s half off its suggested retail price of $39.99.

Little-known fact: You can watch TV and movies on your Switch by downloading the Hulu app from the Nintendo eShop and linking your account. 

For hands-free viewing or gaming, pick up this folding travel stand — it’s suitable for both versions of the console, offers multiple viewing angles, and comes with storage space for two cartridges. Best Buy has it on sale for $4.99, or 50% off its $9.99 MSRP.

This easy-to-apply screen protector prevents scratches and smudges without blurring your Switch’s display or messing with its touch response. Get it on sale at Best Buy for only $4.99 — a 50% savings.

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