Most of the outdoor activities have come to a halt for the past few months due to Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown across the country. In an effort to stay up in the current scenario, BookMyShow has launched its own online streaming platform in India called BookMyShow Online.

The platform will also host live performances and has hosted over 30 events at scale, including the first-ever global virtual tours of Latin musician Willie Gomez, Australian pop band The Buckleys as also American music artist Taylor Castro’s performances.

(Image credit: BoomMyShow)

The platform is also set to host the first-ever virtual music festival in India. The Sunburn Home Festival will be done virtually this time and will be Asia’s biggest dance and music festival. The festival will feature top DJs from across the globe with 3D animations and special effects. The platform will also bring close to real-life experience with the production of stage, lights, LED, lasers, special effects and more. The Sunburn Home Festival is slated for July 11 and 12, with tickets starting at Rs 99. 

Furthermore, the platform will also include both paid and free performances across music, comedy, and other performing arts. You can watch your favourite musician or standup comedian straight from your living room. This also gives an opportunity for artists to stream their live performances directly which in turn will help them reach and engage with millions of their fans in India and globally. 

The platform will bring all the performance and entertainment into virtual entertainment. It will be more seamless and quality-driven. The BookMyShow Online will be available in India as well as other countries like the USA, North America, UK, Germany, UAE, South East Asia, and West Indies. 

The new streaming feature will run across BookMyShow’s app and web platforms. The company has teamed up with Brightcove to stream and deliver videos on the platform. 

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