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Make your pet's vet care more affordable.

Make your pet’s vet care more affordable.

Image: Pawp

TL;DR: Get access to online vet care with Pawp’s digital clinic for just $19 per month.

It doesn’t take much for a pet’s medical situation to turn into a debilitating financial blow. In those awful moments, when trying to decide if you can even afford that emergency trip to the vet, a pet insurance alternative like Pawp can be a great thing to have around.

Dog and cat owners have elevated their pets to an extraordinary level of companionship. In one survey featured in Today’s Veterinary Business, over 90 percent of surveyed millennials say their animal’s health concerns are equally as important as their own. However, just over one percent of U.S. dogs and cats are insured. That’s where Pawp can step in.

The digital veterinary clinic with a safety net

Pawp eliminates some of those unnecessary vet visits by offering members the immediate ability to talk to a vet online

With Pawp, you can text, call, or video chat with a veterinarian 24/7, usually within just five minutes. From there, the online vet will determine whether or your four-legged friend needs emergency care or if it’s something that can be resolved at home.

If it is an emergency situation, Pawp will grant you access to an emergency fund of $3,000 that you can use within four hours of the call. When you receive your final invoice at the clinic, the vet’s office will call the Pawp hotline for a review of the charges. After review, Pawp will provide payment for up to $3,000.

You can only use the fund one time a year for an emergency bill up to $3,000. It takes 14 days after signing up for Pawp for your emergency fund to be activated. Plus, before you are able to use the fund, a Pawp Vet needs to confirm your emergency. Things like scheduled surgeries and vaccinations are not covered.

Pawp versus pet insurance

You’ll only have to pay one flat monthly premium of $19 with Pawp. There is also no initial vet exam for qualification. All pets are protected in the event of an emergency, even if that emergency relates to a preexisting condition. The breed and age of your pet don’t matter either.

If you’re the proud parent of not just one dog, but four, plus two cats, you’ll be happy to know Pawp protects up to six pets in a household. For that same $19 per month, you can ensure up to six pets (cats and dogs) are covered in the event of an emergency.

Sign up for Pawp for just $19 per month and you can talk to a vet online in as little as five minutes.

Care for your pet with a digital clinic membership

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