Google’s latest updated browser, Chrome 90, which has already reached some users, will have a new feature that will make it easier to share specific and relevant information from a website. 

The new feature allows users to create a link to a section of a website that they have highlighted. When others click on that link, it won’t just open the particular website but will also scroll directly to that highlighted section.

With “Copy link to highlight”, users can share a URL for selected text highlighted for recipients.

This feature is currently rolling out to the desktop version of Chrome but will also be reaching Android and iOS in future.

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New PDF viewer for the Chrome browser

New features in Chrome 90 in a GIF

(Image credit: Google)

Google had launched the capability as an extension last year. Now it’s officially part of Chrome itself.

“Yesterday, I read a long article with an interesting data point I wanted to share with a colleague. Instead of copying the link from the address bar, I used Chrome’s new “link to highlight” feature by highlighting the text I want to share, right-clicking, choosing “Copy link to highlight” and then sending the link. When my coworker opened the link, he saw the exact section of text I wanted him to see 🙌,” said Kayce Hawkins, Product Manager, Chrome in a blogpost.

Once the link with the highlighted text is generated, you can figure it out by looking at the hashtag (#) that is generated at the end of the URL.

The feature will be handy to students and professionals working together.

PDF feature in Chrome 90

(Image credit: Google)

Google has also launched a new PDF viewer for the browser, which introduces a two-page view and a new toolbar that lets users zoom, jump to a page, save and print with a single click.

It also lets users to mute notifications when presenting and optimising Chrome’s performance so the CPU load is less. This also means more battery life in devices.

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