More than 33% of the year is over, but there’s no sign that the coronavirus pandemic will end soon.  However, countries across the world are opening up slowly with the hope that religious testing will help reduce casualties.

In March, I tweeted a thread about free resources available to pass time while you’re stuck at home. A lot of people resonated with the sentiment and used those tools.

Companies were making their resources available for free all over the world, and it was hard to maintain that in a thread. Thus Daily Distraction was born.

I had a lot of fun writing a daily column because my work usually involves being deep into the weeds of news. So, this was a daily distraction for me. However, as various countries are slowly lifting restrictions, people are going out and it’s a fitting time to say goodbye.

I’ll leave you with the best of Daily Distraction that’ll help you kill some time on the internet:

Meme of the day (and probably the best webcomic ever)

Stay safe! Bye

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