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There were plenty of hints along the way, and even some leaks by the leading man himself, but it was only made official at the Game Awards 2022 that Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is on its way. Coming from the same influential and creative mind as the original, as well as the Metal Gear franchise before it, Hideo Kojima introduced the game himself. Of course, nothing about Kojima’s games are straight forward, and what was revealed about Death Stranding 2 probably raised more questions than it answered. We’re strapping on our boots, connecting to our BBs, and are ready to make the trek to find out everything there is about Death Stranding 2.

Release date speculation

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Death Stranding 2: On the Beach only has the wide release window of 2025.


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The only platform Death Stranding 2 is currently confirmed for is the PS5. This makes sense as the first game was a PlayStation console exclusive at launch, later getting a PC port in 2020 and even coming to PC Game Pass. While it is possible for Death Stranding 2 to come to PC, and even PC Game Pass, like the first, Sony does own the IP, so don’t expect it to come to any competitor’s consoles.


We got our first long look at Death Stranding 2 with the debut trailer from 2022’s Game Awards.

While the trailer has no gameplay, there are a lot of story and character details shown. We see Fragile and a baby (possibly Lou?) playing in a room with screens projecting the outside world. Fragile looks younger here than in the original, which could imply this is a flashback. Something appears to be going wrong, and she attempts to escape from unseen pursuers in an elevator. After getting shot and crashing, she appears to pass out, leaving the baby’s fate unknown.

We see Sam next, who has visibly aged, approaching Fragile. A massive floating structure with the Drawbridge logo rises from the oil, which she wants him to accompany her on.

The trailer ends with a mysterious masked figure about to reveal their face, but we cut before it is shown.

This newest look that came at Sony’s February 2024 State of Play gave us a lot more context for the game, such as Sam now working for a group called Drawbridge, once again attempting to make connections across the country. We also learn for certain that the masked man is Higgs, who has somehow returned from the Beach for revenge on Sam, and is rocking a guitar weapon that shoots lasers in a very Kojima-style display.

It is almost always impossible to determine a Kojima game’s story prior to playing it (and even afterward it’s still a challenge), but we do know that he rewrote the script entirely after the pandemic. During The Game Awards 2022, Kojima said “I had the story written before the pandemic. But after experiencing the pandemic, I just rewrote the whole story from scratch. I also didn’t want to predict any more futures, so I rewrote it.”


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The gameplay we’ve seen appears to be an evolution of what was established in the first game. There will be lots of walking, climbing, and managing weight once again in a much wider range of environments. We also see a little combat against new robotic enemies, though not a clear look as to how they will fight back differently than humans in the last game.


A masked man with a guitar.
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There’s no preorder information yet, but we’ll update this section as soon as there is.

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