Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s battle royale format, Warzone, is all the rage these days. Casual gamers love it, hardcores love it, I love it, everybody loves it. But a new in-game prank is about to catch a few poor saps completely off-guard — and it’s already claimed victims.

Any Warzone enthusiast knows having the right loadout — a custom-made set of guns and perks (or special skills) — can tremendously increase your chances of winning. That’s why a band of Reddit tricksters are trying to design the worst guns possible, and leave them on the ground for other players to pick up.

Meet r/trashMWLoadouts, a new Reddit community specifically created to share some of most splendidly awful guns a human can put together. The subreddit was inspired by a few Redditors who came up with the idea to assemble intentionally shitty guns when picking up their second loadout, and simply leave those garbage weapons behind.

Creator F3ARL355S0LD13R says he got the idea from a Redditor who posted about falling for one of those guns. “I just fell for it,” the user wrote. “I went to a loadout crate to choose my M13 class. Found a custom gold Striker 45, sweet, a free secondary why not. Eventually I get into a fight and pull it out.”

“It had a 12 round mag with burst,” he continues. “I died immediately. Well played.”

With under 300 members, r/trashMWLoadouts is still pretty new, but it’s already showcased some of the most atrocious loadouts I’ver ever seen, including a pistol with a sniper scope.

For those unfamiliar with the format, Warzone has a a specific color cheme for labelling guns — grey for “basic” guns, purple for “epic,” golden for “legendary,” and so on. Custom-built guns are labeled with magenta.

That said, a color label doesn’t automatically make a gun better, it just indicates it comes with some attachments. Unfortunately, newbies don’t always know that. I’ve certainly fallen for it in the past.

The idea is that when a players spots a color-labeled gun, they’re more likely to pick it up — especially if they think someone else made it and just left it behind, because who would make an intentionally crappy gun for themselves? It’s a brilliantly misleading strategy.

A toast for another close-range weapon with a sniper scope.

Reddit has become quite influential when it comes to building loadouts, with thousands of users exchanging knowledge about the best and worst attachments to add to a gun. I certainly consulted with Reddit when I was putting together my very first loadout, and I still keep an eye out in case I miss a change in the meta (a term all the cool kids use to refer to the best strategy to play the game).

Still, you probably shouldn’t copy every loadout you see on there. And to those of you that accidentally picked up a shitty gun, my condolences — but please drop by r/trashMWLoadouts to share your story, I can’t wait to read about it.

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