When I need a quick calculation, I fire up the Mac calculator, get it done, and don’t think about it much. But for complex calculations such as currency conversations or splitting bills, I reach for a couple of tools online.

Last week, I stumbled upon this minimal calculator called NumiThe best feature about it is you can simply type calculations in sentences to get your results, like ’50 INR to USD,’ or ‘today + two weeks.’

Plus, it’s easy to do unit and currency conversation so that you don’t have to take Google’s help for converting Indian Rupees to US Dollars or feet to centimeters. To check out all the operations you can perform on Numi, head here.

Numi calculation demo

The app supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and Korean.

While the calculator is free to download and use, you can pay $23.59 to activate features such as unlimited notes and iCloud sync. And if you use Alfred, an alternative finder and application launcher app for Mac, you could integrate Numi with it to make quick calculations directly in the search bar.

For the keen-among you amazing readers who noticed — yes, Numi is similar to Soulver. But for the latter, you have to cough up $29.95 to continue using it after the 30-day trial.

You can download the Numi calculator from here.

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Published April 5, 2021 — 11:59 UTC

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