Doctor Who Missing Story Galaxy 4 Remade for Animated Release

Set on a planet being thrown into an apocalyptic fight for survival as it is pulled apart by three orbiting stars, “Galaxy 4” sees the Doctor and his friends stuck in a conflict between two alien races that also find themselves trapped on the planet: an all-female warrior species called the Drahvin and a race of reptiles known as the Rills. As the Doctor finds his friends held hostage, and with time running out before the planet’s destruction dooms them all, he’s in a race to stop the Dravin and Rills from destroying each other first.

Most of “Galaxy 4” was lost in the BBC’s archival junking efforts, with just audio recordings, its third episode, and five minutes of its fourth having been recovered in the years since. But that main tale was not all this particular story had. It also introduced us to Who’s latest trundling pepperpot robot monster: the Chumbleys, a squad of translation robots used by the Rills in their attempts to negotiate with the Drahvin. While the Chumbleys weren’t quite meant to be as menacing as the Daleks, the design inspiration is definitely there, and… I mean, come on:

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Screenshot: BBC

Chumbleys weren’t even their actual name, it’s just what Vicki coined for them after hearing their incredibly silly chirruping noises as they hobbled about the place. There’s a reason the UK didn’t go through a wave of Chumbleymania in the mid-’60s, frankly. But maybe you will, when Galaxy 4 hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 15.

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