The Dyson brand is known to make top-of-the-line vacuums thanks to its powerful suction, innovative filter, and quality design. The only downside to the popular brand can be the price, which is why we’ve put together a list of the cheapest Dyson sales and deals that are currently available.

We’ve rounded up the most popular Dyson vacuums that include several different models and types with a variety of features. All Dyson vacuums are built with powerful motors and feature a patented cyclone technology for a unique filtration system. The main differences in models are if the vacuum is cordless or not, and different features include attachments, suction power, bin size, and more.

So how do you determine what Dyson vacuum is best for you? That will depend on your cleaning needs, preferences, and how much you want to spend. To help you decide we’ve listed the cordless models first, followed by the upright corded vacuums. We’ll let you know the best features for each vacuum, specifications, and most importantly – the best online prices.

The best Dyson Vacuum deals:

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Impressive performance and run time

Weight: 10lb | Charge time: 4.5hrs | Run time: : 60 mins | Bin Volume: 0.75L | Handheld mode: Yes

Monitors performance in real-time

Three different cleaning modes

Up to 60 minutes of run time


The newest addition to the Dyson vacuum lineup is the Dyson V11 Torque Drive. The V11 stands apart from the V10 by including new features like a built-in LCD screen that shows current performance including power mode, run time, filter maintenance reminders and blockage reports. The V11 also features a torque cleaner head that can detect the differences in floor surface and will automatically adjust motor speeds, maximizing battery time and suction.

The Dyson V11 is powered by 7-cell lithium-ion batteries and includes five different convenient attachments. This vacuum is Dyson’s most advanced cord-free device yet, and its price tag reflects that currently retailing for $699.

Dyson V11 Animal

Image credit: Dyson

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Deep cleans on multiple surfaces

Weight: 6.68lb | Charge time: 4.5hrs | Run time: : Up to 60 mins | Bin Volume: 0.75L | Handheld mode: Yes

Great for pet hair

Multi-surface cleaning

Long run time


The Dyson V11 Animal includes the same features as the V11 Torque Drive but is slightly shorter and includes four attachments instead of five. It’s also somewhat lower in price, currently retailing for $599. The cordless Animal features the same high torque cleaner head that adjusts to surfaces and includes the LED screen that displays mode and machine maintenance alerts.

Perfect for pets, the high torque cleaner head is made of stiff nylon bristles that drive deep into floors to remove ground dirt and hair. The V11 Animal delivers a long-lasting battery of up to 60 minutes and includes an improved hygienic bin that makes it easier to empty. 

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Powerful suction at a reduced price

Weight: 5.88lb | Charge time: 3.5hrs | Run time: : 60 mins | Bin Volume: 0.76L | Handheld mode: Yes | Suction power: Up to 150AW

Incredible suction

Great on carpets and hard floors


Until the V11 came along, Dyson claimed the V10 offered the most powerful suction of any cord-free vacuum. The V10 Absolute is powered by the Dyson digital motor V10 and features a torque drive cleaner head that removes 25% more dust than the Dyson V8. Despite its small size, the V10 also features a large bin size and a longer battery life.

The V10 Absolute can quickly transform to a handheld vacuum and efficiently cleans hardwood floors and carpets with a soft roller cleaner head and direct drive cleaner head. The Absolute also comes with a selection of quick-release items like a crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, and mini-motorized tool. Because the V10 was released last year, you can normally find discounted prices on the cordless vacuum.

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

Heavy duty performance

Weight: 5.86lb | Charge time: 3.5hrs | Run time: : 60 mins | Bin Volume: 0.76L | Handheld mode: Yes | Suction power: Up to 150AW

Great at picking up pet hair

Cheaper than the other V10 models

Handheld mode’s handy for quick cleans

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the V10 Absolute, the Animal is a fantastic option.The Dyson V10 Animal is similar to the Absolute because it features the powerful Dyson digital motor V10 and includes a substantial bin. The Animal (hence the name) is designed specifically to suck up pet hairs from your carpets and furniture. The Animal features a torque drive cleaner head that dives deep to drive dirt and hair from carpets.

While the Dyson Animal lacks a soft roller brush, it does offer three power modes to choose from for different tasks on hardwood or carpet floors. The Dyson Animal also includes a combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, and a soft dusting brush.

cheap Dyson Absolute hoover offers

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Dyson V8 Absolute offers and deals

Powerful suction at a terrific value

Weight: 5.75lb | Charge time: 4hrs | Run time: : 40 mins | Bin Volume: 0.54L | Handheld mode: Yes | Suction power: 28AW / 115AW (on Max mode)

Generally discounted now

Still fairly powerful


The Dyson V8 Absolute is an earlier version of the V10 with a slightly smaller bin size and less power. The cord-free V8 features a direct-drive cleaner head and an additional soft roller cleaner head so you can efficiently clean both carpet and hardwood floors. The V8 vacuum can quickly transform into a handheld and comes with attachments that include a combination and crevice tool and a mini motorized tool. Because the V8 is an older version, you can typically find discounted prices at online retailers.

cheap Dyson animal deals

Dyson V8 Animal offers and deals

The cheapest cord-free Dyson

Weight: 5.64lb | Charge time: 4hrs | Run time: : 40 mins | Bin Volume: 0.54L | Handheld mode: Yes | Suction power: 28AW / 115AW (on Max mode)

Picks up pet hair with ease

Great for general use too

Detachable for handheld use

Like the V8 Absolute above, you can typically find the Dyson V8 Animal on sale for as low as $300. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen for a cord-free Dyson Vacuum. The V8 Animal has the same power and battery life of the absolute but lacks a soft roller cleaner head. The soft roller head is made for hard surfaces, so if you just need a vacuum for carpeted floors, then the Animal is a fantastic option.

The cordless V8 is designed to deep clean homes with pets featuring a filtration system that captures allergens and expels fresh air. The V8 Animal is powered by the Dyson digital motor V8 and can transform into a handheld vac. 

Dyson V7 Trigger deals sales prices

Image credit: Dyson

Dyson V7 Trigger

The only handheld option

Weight: 3.77lb | Charge time: 3.5hrs | Run time: : 30 mins | Bin Volume: 0.54L | Handheld mode: Yes | Suction power: 21AW / 100AW (on Max mode)

Cheaper than regular cordless Dysons

Easy to store

Limited use on carpets

If you’re interested in a handheld option for cars and hard to reach spaces, Dyson has come out with the V7 Trigger. The handheld Dyson provides up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction and is powered by the digital V7 motor that features 100 Air Watts of suction. The cord-free Dyson is lightweight and easy to store and includes three different attachment tools. 

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful suction at an affordable price

Weight: 15.6 lbs | Cord length: 31ft | Maximum Reach: 40ft | Handheld mode: No | Suction power: 250 AW

Extreme suction power

Easy to maneuver

Works across carpets and hard floors

Not cordless

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is one of Dyson’s most powerful vacuums, providing extreme suction on any floor surface. The upright vacuum features an impressive suction power of 250AW and claims to capture more microscopic dust than any other’s cyclone.

The Multi Floor 2 is also easy to maneuver because of the ball base design that allows the vacuum to navigate furniture and corners with a simple turn of the wrist. The Dyson features a self-adjusting cleaner head that seals in suction across carpets and hard floors so you’ll never have to switch modes or vacuum heads. The Multi Floor 2 includes a wand and long-reach hose so you can clean stairs and hard to reach areas. Because this Dyson model isn’t cord-free, you’ll find it at a more affordable price than the above cordless options. 

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Dyson Small Ball offers and deals

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

Weight: 12lb | Power supply: Corded | Cord length: 9.4m | Bin capacity: 0.9L | Suction power: 86AW

Traditional upright design

Large bin capacity

Easy to store

If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum that still offers powerful suction, then the Dyson Small Ball is for you. The Dyson weighs just 12 pounds but still provides 150W of powerful suction. The compact vacuum claims to save up to 50% more storage space than a traditional full-size upright. The Small Ball features a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors, and the ball technology allows for easy maneuvering around difficult places. Because of its small size, you’ll find the Small Ball priced lower when compared to other Dyson upright vacuums.

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball DC75 offers and deals

Strong, powerful suction with no filters

Weight: 19.18lb | Power supply: Corded | Cord length: 10.8m | Bin capacity: 2.18L | Suction power: 250AW

Very powerful

The largest capacity

Made for homes with pets

Very expensive

If you’re looking for top of the line power, then the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is the vacuum for you. The upright vacuum is made for pet owners and features 120AW of suction power and impressive 2.18-liter bin. Thanks to the Dyson Cinetic science, the Dyson Big Ball is completely, so it never loses suction, and you don’t have to worry about washing or replacing the filter. The Dyson vacuum offers ball technology and includes six additional tools for efficient and convenient cleaning.

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