The thought of lugging around a bulky vacuum cleaner puts most of us off the chore of sucking up the layer of filth on our floors, but that doesn’t change the fact that it needs to be done.

So what do we do when faced with a somewhat arduous task? We work smarter, and the Dyson V8 Animal is here to make light work out of an errand that was once thought of as strenuous.

Whipping out your Dyson V8 Animal like it’s child’s play, you’ll glide through your home with ease and grace as its powerful 115AW engine effortlessly inhales the dust and grime that has plagued your floors.

You’ll have plenty of time to manoeuvre around multiple areas of your home with the V8 Animal’s 40-minute battery life (when fully charged). You’ll also be able to adjust the level of suction power, but be warned, if you require this beast’s ‘max’ mode, the battery will drain much faster as a result.

As an added bonus, the Dyson V8 Animal is modular by design, so you can use it as a stick vacuum or remove the wand from the main compartment to turn it into a nifty handheld unit – perfect for getting to those nooks and crannies.

As the name suggests, the V8 Animal is designed specifically for households that have pets to remove the fluff and dander they leave behind. This is done by a combination of the V8’s powerful engine and the Direct Drive cleaner head that’s able to extract allergens settled deep in carpets.

In addition to this, the Dyson V8 Animal has a HEPA filter that’s used to capture allergens and expel cleaner air. It’s also bagless, allowing you to empty collected dirt with a single pull of its lever.

Make your life easier and your home smelling fresh, with the Dyson V8 Animal that is currently discounted by 31% through Catch – that’s a massive saving of AU$250!

Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum | AU$799 (RRP AU$549; save AU$250)

Have you been on the lookout for a Dyson handstick, but don’t have the cash to splash out on the newest model? Well you’re in luck, because the Dyson V8 Animal is currently discounted by a staggering 31% – that’s a huge saving of AU$250. The V8 Animal gives you up to 40 minutes of battery life, has a strong 115AW of suction power and also doubles as a useful handheld vacuum. This stick vacuum has been specifically designed for pet owners so it would be purr-fect for all the animal lovers out there.View Deal

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