Epic is further stitching together its various platforms with a new Fortnite integration for its social video app Houseparty that lets you stream your gameplay to friends. The integration builds on an existing one that uses Houseparty’s video chatting capabilities to bring live video chat into Fortnite, and now this essentially does the reverse.

That way, your friends can see you live both through your mobile phone camera and also the feed of your active Fortnite game. Think of it a bit like Twitch streaming without all the fuss and just for your friends instead of the broader public. Epic says the feature supports streaming from a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or PC right now. “We will let everyone know if we’re able to support more platforms in the future,” Epic says in its blog post.

Epic owns Houseparty, which streamlines fast and easy group video chat, following a 2019 acquisition, and the game maker has used the app to boost the social feature sets of its various gaming platforms. A few months following the acquisition, Epic began using Houseparty for improved Fortnite cross-platform audio chat, and now a full bridge between the game and the app exists.

For a breakdown of how to enable Houseparty gameplay streaming and video chat, check out Epic’s FAQ here.

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