TLDR: The training in The Ultimate 2020 White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle includes everything a first-timer needs to become a true cybersecurity expert.

Even though the 80’s were a long time ago, the term hacker still elicits an instantly negative response from most people. While there’s no doubt hackers have often been malicious bad actors in the dark recesses of the web, a new breed of cyber infiltrators, known commonly as ethical hackers, are carving out a new reputation testing and securing vital computer systems for some of the world’s largest organizations. Heck, hackers are even helping in the fight against COVID-19.

Ethical hacking is a lucrative business — and you can learn exactly how to get started in this vibrant industry with the training in The Ultimate 2020 White Hack Hacker Certification Bundle ($39.90, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals).

The bundle includes 10 courses packed with more than 96 hours of training in virtually every facet of cybersecurity.

The centerpiece of the package is the four-part Complete Cyber Security Course. Taught by cybersecurity expert and noted consultant Nathan House, this training will help even new security students understand the procedures of hacking and the methods to protect vulnerable information for yourself and others. After building a foundation for your security knowledge, students will also learn network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning, the best anonymizing and privacy methods, and mastering techniques to defend all your devices from laptops to desktops to smartphones and tablets.

And, that all-encompassing tutorial doesn’t even cover half of what’s available in this complete package. In addition, further coursework delves even deeper into the tools and techniques of the hacking trade, including environmental reconnaissance techniques like OS fingerprinting, e-mail harvesting, and social media profiling; vulnerability analysis and phishing protection; and even how to use the Python coding language to build your own all-purpose set of hacking tools.

SInce the average ethical hacker can earn over $70,000 a year (and could make as much as $130,000), it’s not only a much sought-after skill in today’s business world — it’s also a fast track to a well-paying new career.

Each course in this package ranges from $99 to $195 each, but by getting in on this offer now, the entire collection is available now for only $39.90, less than $4 per course.

Prices are subject to change

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