Facebook today announced a new feature that will finally let you get rid of your embarrassing old posts en masse. Manage Activity essentially lets you select posts from your Activity Log and trash them if you wish.

The company frames the feature as a way to tailor your Facebook when you go through a major life change, such as a breakup or a job hunt. Personally, I don’t think the impetus needs to be quite that much. Goodness knows we all go through that Facebook-awkward phase where we post aimlessly about how much we love BTS or how we’re “feeling bored” (or at least, I hope we all do or I’m really going to have egg on my face).

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Eventually a few years pass and you realize that’s no longer the image you want top project. Regardless of the cause, it’d do all of us good to do a little curation now and then.

Here’s how it’ll work: you find the feature in your Activity Log. Once you click on the option, you’ll be shown a list of all of your posts. You can then filter your posts by type (text, photo, etc), date range, or with certain people. You can select each post you no longer want anyone to see.

Credit: Facebook

Once you’ve selected all of the posts you’d rather no one saw, you have the option to Archive or Delete them. Archive lets you keep the posts, but just hide them from the view of anyone. Posts consigned to the trash can will remain there for 30 days before being automatically purged. Within that time, you can look in the Trash (it’ll be marked as an option on the Manage Activity menu) and restore any posts you’ve changed your mind about.

Credit: Facebook

The Manage Activity feature is currently rolling out to the Facebook classic and Facebook Lite apps, with plans to eventually roll it out to

Introducing Manage Activity on Facebook

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