Most fitness trackers are rather drab things. Sure, there are some smartwatches that toe the line between technology and fashion decently enough, but if you want a more basic device that emphasizes the fitness-tracking aspect, there isn’t too much to choose from.

Fitbit is trying to fill this gap with its new $150 Luxe tracker. As one might presume from the name, it aims to be Fitbit’s most stylish tracker yet. It offers a svelte, polished design that, at a glance, does look a bit nicer than most of Fitbit’s current lineup — though we’d have to see one in person to really know.

Fitbit’s Gorjana collab helps the tracker look a bit more like a piece of jewelry than your typical fitness tracker.

At the very least, it’s Fitbit’s thinnest design yet, created with an injection-molded design that the company claims is inspired by the process of creating jewelry. It’s also being launched alongside a variety of accessories, including chain bracelets created in partnership with Gorjana, double wrap leather straps, and your usual silicone bands in an assortment of colors.

There are no buttons on board, so it’s operated completely by touches and taps. It features the usual assortment of sensors and tracking functionality for a modern Fitbit, including heart rate, sleep, SpO2(oxygen saturation), steps, and breathing rate. It also can create a cumulative ‘Stress Management Score’ depending on a variety of the above variables.

There’s no GPS on board, but you can always link your phone for location data. The battery, meanwhile, is claimed to last up to five days.

The Fitbit Luxe is available for pre-order now starting at $149.95 will be available at and retailers worldwide “this spring.”

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