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Stay cool throughout the night.
Stay cool throughout the night.

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TL;DR: As of May 20, you can score up to $200 off your mattress order and two free pillows with any mattress from Helix.

Everyone’s been trying to sleep better these days so the mattress sales have been coming in hot. The latest deals come from Helix. They’re getting their Memorial Day prices started early and are hard to pass up. 

Right now, Helix is offering $100 off any mattress purchase, $150 off when you spend $1,250+ and $200 off when you spend $1,750+. But that’s not all, folks. No matter which of the three options you end up qualifying for, you’ll also receive two free Dream pillows with your order. 

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Helix’s pillows are known to help any kind of sleeper get a good night’s rest because of the removable support insert layer they have that make it possible for you to adjust the height of the pillow and switch between soft and firm. They’re also made of breathable cotton and gel microfiber fill to make sure you don’t get too hot throughout the night. 

The pillows will go perfectly with your new bed. But, if you’re not sure which mattress is for you, you can start by taking the Sleep Quiz that matches you with the one best fit for you and your needs. 

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