TLDR: These 10 gaming accessories will level up your entire gaming experience, each at savings of up to 80 percent off.

Gamers gotta game. And because the game never ends, there’s almost always at least one cool little game accessory that they’re considering. Because who wants to sink into 48 straight hours of Fortnite in a crummy chair? Or with a fritzy headset? Or a controller that can’t whoop up on those fools with the platform system standard-issue controller? 

Gamers need to level up. Thankfully, we’re here to help, with 10 gaming accessories that will elevate your entire gaming experience. And with each on sale at up to 80 percent off, you can really load up.

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1. Surfshark VPN 3-Yr Subscription

With three years of Surfshark protection, you can play all your online games undisturbed, with your identity and all your vital information safely shielded from online black hats. With more than 500 torrent-friendly servers worldwide, you can avoid international geo-restrictions of digital content, all while everything is protected by military-grade AES-256-GCM encryption and IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols to keep users safe.

Get the Surfshark VPN 3-Yr Subscription for $83.99 (Reg. $430). 

2. Zone 47″ Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk

For computer gaming, you need room to move — and this large surfaced desk stretching four feet with a simulated carbon fiber finish and a beveled front cut out keeps everything close…but not too close. Gaming accessories stay powered up with the built-in power console’s 3 grounded outlet receptors and twin USB charging ports while the cup holder can help keep you powered up.

Get the Zone 47″ Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk for $249.99 (Reg. $338).

3. HCG1 Pro Gaming Headset

Wrapped in metal and leather and powered by formidable 53mm drivers, this headset is the real deal. Compatible with an Xbox, a PS4, a PC and more, the HCG1 can help you hear a pin drop in your gaming world, serving up superior sound quality that lets you truly sink into your environment. And the cushioned earcups will keep you on point for literally hours comfortably.

Get the HCG1 Pro Gaming Headset for $103.99 (Reg. $189). 

4. Core 17″ Gaming Backpack with Molded Panel

Gaming must be shared, and with this backpack you can pack your gear safely. This travel case is designed to perfectly cradle a gaming laptop or your favorite console system so gaming can truly hit the road. This backpack includes three large storage spaces and four side pockets to hold your cables, controllers, a mouse, even a water bottle so you always stay hydrated. This Two-Time VIP award winner is also heavily padded so all your equipment stays safe. You can even save 15 percent off the price by entering the code MOBILE15 during checkout. 

Get the Core 17″ Gaming Backpack with Molded Panel for $110.49 after code MOBILE15 (Reg. $129). 

5. 13.3” IPS Display Screen for Raspberry Pi, Windows and Gaming

You’ve got your gaming system…now all you need is a screen. Lightweight and supremely portable, this 13.3-inch monitor hooks up easily to everything from a PS4 or Xbox 360 to a Raspberry Pi, offering 1080p resolution and a gorgeous picture from a device barely half an inch thick. This screen is also a connectivity friendly score, supporting HDMI, USB, and even 3.55mm audio plugins.

Get the 13.3” IPS Display Screen for Raspberry Pi, Windows and Gaming for $134.95 (Reg. $149). 

6. Sharpin Ultra Tabletop Digital Pinball Machine

Here’s video pinball that actually feels like real pinball. This box sports arcade-level buttons and a sleek minimalist design, but inside, it’s an Android-optimized computer brain translating your button presses into actual flipper action that’s just like pinball simulations that cost thousands. For pinball aficionados, Forbes call the Sharpin Ultra “a really good option.

Get the Sharpin Ultra Tabletop Digital Pinball Machine for $599.95 (Reg. $724).

7. 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair with Foldable Adjustable Backrest

You can sit on the floor or the couch for your console gaming — or try out this floor chair that strikes a prime balance between comfort, maneuverability and smart ergonomics. The adjustable 5-position backrest supports and comforts your whole body, while the 360-degree swivel keeps your full range of motion, even after hours of playing. It’s even made of selected breathable mesh fabric and soft sponge that’s pretty dreamy.

Get the 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair for $134.99 (Reg. $189). 

8. Costway Massage Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Office Computer Chair

Or how about a chair that doesn’t just support your gaming, but actually gives you a massage when things get really hairy. Everything in this gaming chair is customizable from the height, to the armrest direction, to the back tilt for the lumbar support to reduce fatigue and stop you from adopting bad posture. Plus, the USB-driven massage function relaxes the waist and pushes your gaming relaxation to a whole new level.

Get the Costway Massage Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Office Computer Chair for $219.99 (Reg. $319). 

9. Dragon VR Gaming 3D Stereo Headset with Bluetooth Controller

VR takes immersive gaming and even life experiences to a new place, thanks to this all-in-one unit. Just slide your smartphone inside to enjoy panoramic videos, games, movies and more. The Bluetooth controller lets you optimize the music, video and the mouse, with a battery that works for up to 40 hours.

Get the Dragon VR Gaming 3D Stereo Headset with Bluetooth Controller for $99.99 (Reg. $199). 

10. Mayflash F300 Elite Arcade Stick

This is just like playing one of your favorite fighting games at the arcade. Built for elite-level gaming, this heavy-duty metal flight stick is state of the art, with a joystick and button that feel like the cabinets of old — and just as responsive. If the standard PS4 or Xbox controller doesn’t do it for you, the F300 serves up the execution and peak performance you need.

Get the Mayflash F300 Elite Arcade Stick for $99.99 (Reg. $112). 

Prices are subject to change.