There are two types of people in the world: tab minimalists who have just a few tabs open at a time and tab collectors who have…significantly more.” So opens Google’s blog post detailing its new tab grouping feature for Chrome. I’m definitely among the latter, so this feature was made for me.

Google is far from the first browser (not to mention extensions) to implement tab grouping, but Chrome‘s approach is nicer than most. Right-click on a tab and select ‘add to group;’ the associated tabs will then be color-coded to indicate they are related. You can also label each group, helping you keep things more organized. You can also reorder the tabs within groups to your liking, and the groups are saved so you can get back to work next time you open Chrome.

Google says it’s been testing the feature internally and with a select group of users, and found that they tend to group tabs by either topic or how urgent they are – the latter functioning almost like a to-do app. Google suggests you use emoji for some reason, which I can suppose can save you some characters (hey, every bit of tab space counts if you’re a hoarder like me).

The tab groups feature is rolling out ‘slowly’ starting with the new version of Chrome arriving next week, and will only be available on desktop.

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