Google Chrome, the popular web browser from Google, has recently got some neat new features, and the one that stands out the most is its improved search functionality during periods when devices have a poor connection. 

As Google writes in its post on its official blog, The Keyword, sometimes when you need information, you may not have the best internet connection – and now, Google’s improved the on-device capabilities for Chrome on iOS and Android devices to show search suggestions for when you find yourself in such a position. 

Because Chrome is getting these enhanced search capabilities, it’ll also mean you can expect better suggestions when using Incognito Mode. You can expect search suggestions even if Chrome can’t gather the type of information it usually harvests – either from the internet or your browsing history.

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More improvements to search incoming

These aren’t the only search-related improvements you can expect in Chrome. First off, when you are signed into Chrome (and presumably connected to the internet), you can expect search suggestions to be similar to things that other users are looking for that relate to your most recent searches. 

It gives an example in the blog post: if your last search was for “Japchae” and you open a fresh tab with your default homepage set to Google Search, when you navigate to the search bar, you’ll be met with a list of your most recent searches and “People also search for” suggestions showing other popular Korean dishes. 

Search suggestions will also pop up with more images alongside them, where previously you’d only be shown an image if you typed in a specific product. Now, you can be less specific and type in more general phrases or terms, and be shown images alongside broader shopping categories. 

Google shows an example where “bohemian table” has been entered into the address bar, without including a specific brand or make, and search results with accompanying images for each type of object will pop up. Some results are shown that don’t have images next to them, but this could be because Google is choosing to show pictures for only the most relevant search suggestions.

Overall, these are some interesting improvements to Chrome’s search functionality, especially if it means you can search the internet without being connected to the internet. Chrome’s intuitive and user-friendly feature set is a major reason why it’s the most widely-used web browser in the world, and it’s good to see that Google is continuing to experiment with tweaks and improvements to Chrome’s usability, and not simply resting on its laurels.


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