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With video calls showing no signs of disappearing any time soon, Google has announced new co-hosting options for its video conferencing software. 

Users will now be able to set up Google Meet breakout rooms in advance of their meetings via Google Calendar, which allow moderators to divide participants into smaller groups during video calls.

Google said it hopes the new features will allow meetings to flow more smoothly, as in addition, users will now be able to turn meeting safety features on or off ahead of their catch-ups, including chat lock and present lock, and designate co-hosts before the meeting. 

Google Meet co-hosting

Admins who want to learn more about managing Google Meet safety settings and host management can visit Google’s help center.

To configure host control and co-host options when scheduling a meeting in Google Calendar end-users will need to select: “Add Google Meet video conferencing”, followed by “Video call options” (gear icon), and “Host controls or Co-hosts”.

The product is set for a gradual rollout, which will allow up to 15 days for full feature visibility, starting on April 20, 2022.

Google has been making frequent updates to Google Meet.

Google recently added a new settings panel to the Meet, which allows users to quickly access effects such as background blur, background images and styles before and during a video call.

Meet has also received a “leave empty call reminder”, which prompts users to leave a meeting if they’re the only one to join a call, potentially ending any awkward interactions. 

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