As we approach Google I/O 2021, the rumor mill has started pointing to new hardware, including a Pixel 5A and Pixel Buds A, a lower-cost set of true wireless earbuds that would slot in below the company’s main pair. Google seems to have gotten ahead of itself, however, as, according to 9to5Google, a new email contains an image of olive green Pixel Buds that aren’t part of the current lineup. The interior of the case is also color-matched to the buds, which isn’t the case with the second-gen Pixel Buds. Another clue that these are new is that the inside-facing part of the earbuds is also the same green.

So with those things considered, we’re likely seeing the upcoming Pixel Buds A in this image. They look practically identical to the regular Pixel Buds, though the second LED inside the charging case is either gone or just not visible in this shot. There’s always the chance that someone went off and messed with the color tint here so it better matches the Pixel 5, but that’d be a little unusual.

Image: 9to5Google

A recent filing at the Federal Communications Commission is likely for these earbuds. We’ll have to wait for Google’s eventual announcement to see which features have been cut if the company indeed plans to sell these at a notably lower price than the standard Pixel Buds. With those going for $179, maybe Google will aim to hit a $99 or $129 price point.

Google’s second-gen Pixel Buds had some connection stability issues when they first shipped, which the company tried to address over the course of several firmware updates. But some customers continue to encounter issues like dropouts and other bugs, so hopefully Google will say a thing or two about connection strength when it does get around to announcing these Pixel Buds A.

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