Get ready to have your entire weekend wasted: word on the street is smash-hit GTA V might soon be free to download.

Epic Games Store is gearing up to offer the popular Rockstar title entirely free of charge, a reliable source has informed Gamepressure. Even better, the free offering is expected arrive as the Premium Edition, which includes access to the game itself, Grand Theft Auto Online, and lots of additional content.

Despite its initial release in 2013, GTA V is still a huge draw, clinching 10 million sales in the period between February 2019 and now. It’s still the fifth most popular title on Twitch with nearly 78 million hours of viewing time, according to TwitchMetrics.

Gamepressure speculates that releasing the game for free will help Rockstar generate more revenue in GTA Online microtransactions, so the move isn’t exactly what you’d call charity. Still, you can always choose not to spend any money in-game.

One part of me is actually ecstatic about saving a few bucks on the game. At the same time, I thoroughly dread the idea of losing my entire weekend (possibly few weekends ahead) to GTA V — and I know it’s bound to happen, considering I only recently put together a gaming PC and hadn’t done any solid gaming since I was a teenager.

R.I.P. my weekend (and probably yours, too).

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