TLDR: Learning never takes a holiday — so dive into these 10 career-redefining skills that could jumpstart your professional pursuits.

With so much instability in the global job market, it’s no surprise that everyone is thinking about their career plans. No matter whether you feel fulfilled and secure in your current position or think you’re expecting new challenges soon, expanding your skillset is never a bad career move — and might actually make all the difference in landing a new opportunity or new employer.

As part of your Memorial Day plan to jumpstart your professional life, pick up training in one of these 10 new skills now and you’ll have it mastered by the time fall rolls around. It’s never too soon to start thinking about your next big step. 

Project Management

Understanding the methodologies for a successful project and juggling all the factors in place make project management one of the most in-demand business positions around. Learning how to plan and execute a major company initiative will undoubtedly boost your stock with your employer as well as make you one of the most crucial members of your organization. The Project Manager’s Essential Certification Bundle ft. Scrum, Agile & PMP ($40 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20) covers all the most popular methodologies like Agile and PMP, helps you understand how to set timelines, allocate resources and manage expectations to get a major project done to everyone’s satisfaction every time. 

Business Leadership

In the age of remote employees and working from home, the skills of an effective leader have never been more essential. Knowing how to assemble a team, motivate those members while understanding what drives each individual will be an even greater test in these days of video conferencing. Marshaling those forces toward unified goals takes effective communication and understanding. The Business Leadership & Management Bundle ($24 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20) and its nine courses of training should help shape your skills for achieving that organizational success.

Public Speaking

It’s a primal fear for many — but knowing how to stand in front of a group, communicate effectively and persuade listeners is a valuable skill in every aspect of life. While the performance side can be nerve-racking, there are gameplans for stamping down anxieties and turning presentations into an opportunity to showcase you as well as your information. The 2020 Public Speaking Bundle ($16 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20) can help you get past the butterflies, lock into your facts, and generally, look like a superstar.


It may not be glamorous, but every business rises and falls based on its bottom line. Of course, the only way to understand that bottom line is to know all the factors that play into those figures, so some solid accounting background is important for both entrepreneurs and average employees alike. With The QuickBooks 2020 Essentials Bundle: Beginner to Bookkeeper ($24 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20), you’ll be able to manage payments, process invoices, oversee payroll and truly understand the inner working of small and medium-sized businesses.  

A New Language

Knowing another language just makes the world a smaller place — and considering how few Americans know a second language in these globally-driven times, it could be a huge career game-changer. Just think of all the opportunities available if you’re the only one in your company that speaks Mandarin or Russian or even Spanish? With a Mondly Lifetime Subscription ($56 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20), you can learn up to five languages, all at your own pace with a galaxy of extra materials and resources to take you from dabbler to proficient speaker quickly.

Graphic Design

From traditional advertising to websites to social media, we’re all consuming more content than ever. And since the visuals always trump audio or the written word in making an impact with an audience, understand the elements that make a graphic or image burn into a viewer’s mind can have sweeping consequences. Whether you’re an artist or not, The 2020 Adobe Graphic Design Certification School ($40 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20), the training in Adobe’s three key graphic software programs can help you create images that will last.

Data Analytics

Data analytics are like business archeology. It’s digging deep into raw, unexplored terrain and excavating pearls of hidden truths that could ultimately be worth millions — if you know what you’re looking for, that is. Understanding data is another major business growth area, so The Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle ($40 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20) can help you use the tools to go inside the numbers, unlock insights no one else in your company can find and help make you an essential asset.

Cloud Management

It’s a fact — already red-hot cloud computing skills have only become even more valuable in the age of COVID-19. Jobs that leverage the cloud should rise almost 15 percent over the next decade with a median salary of six figures. The Beginner Cloud Architect Professional Training Bundle ft. Azure and AWS ($32 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20) offers practical training in using the world’s two most popular cloud platforms and what that can mean for any business.


Thirty years later…and Excel is still on your resume, isn’t it? The spreadsheet titan is still on the CV because it remains one of the most popular and powerful data organization tools in history. But if you’d like your actual knowledge of this perennial to be worthy of the resume inclusion, training like eLearnExcel: The 2020 Excel Certification School Bundle ($40 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20) with its 300 lessons and projects over 60 hours of instruction can absolutely make you an Excel expert. 


Right there with reading and writing, coding is one of the base educations for a 21st century student. But even as drag-and-drop website builders and other simplified interfaces make web construction simpler for the new user, the ability to program is the gateway to all manner of technology jobs. The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle ($32 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20) is a perfect primer for the first-timer, featuring 10 courses and 120 hours of training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and everything else you need to know.

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