Samsung’s next big reveal event is now almost here, set to go live on August 11 but what new phone are we getting? By the looks of things, it’s going to be the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung has now officially announced that this event will be replacing the Galaxy Note 21 launch this year with a focus on foldable phones. And if you’ve been looking to get your hands on Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold, you can already start preparing.

Although we won’t even get a look at the device until that mid-August reveal, you can already reserve the new phone. While those in the UK can simply mark the event in their calendars, those in the US can get a host of incentives for signing up now.

This includes an additional $100 in trade-in credit, 12 months of Samsung Care+ for free, an extra offer towards Galaxy products during pre-order, on-release day delivery and more.

Plus, reserving the handset doesn’t mean you have to buy it. If it comes out and you decide you’re not interested, you can simply leave your reservation.

Whether you’re based in the UK or US, we’ve included everything you need to know about reserving this device down below.

How to reserve the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the US:

Samsung US | reserve the Galaxy Fold Z 3 for an extra $100 trade-in credit, 12 months of Samsung Care and a special offer
If you live in the US and are hoping to buy this new foldable phone, reserving your position in the line now is a great idea. You’ll get an $100 on your trade-in credit, 12 months free Samsung Care (worth $155) and a special offer towards galaxy products during the pre-order stage. Reserving the device does not mean you have to buy it so there is no catch for doing this.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 reservations in the UK:

Samsung UK | sign up for notifications
Sadly there aren’t any reservation options in the UK and currently no incentives for signing up to the Fold Z 3. However, you can add the Unpacked event to your calendar which is when the device will be officially revealed. The date for this is August 11.
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Are there any catches to reserving the phone?

Luckily, no. You will simply be asked to fill in your name, email and optionally, your ZIP code and phone number. Once you’ve done this, you can reserve your spot to get the smartphone with the list of incentives listed above.

If the Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes out and its more expensive than you’d like or you’re not that keen on it then no harm done! You can simply decide not to get it.

While you will get updates on your reservation, you don’t have to put down a deposit or give your card details, just your name and email.

If you decide to buy the handset and realise you’re not as keen on it as you thought you’d be, there is a 21 day worry free trial available as well.

How does Samsung’s trade-in scheme work?

Samsung, like most other brands, has an intensive trade-in scheme. While most will likely be trading in a Samsung phone, you can also trade in most Apple and Google phones as well as a selection of LG and Motorola phones.

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t allow trade-ins for a lot of other brands. OnePlus, Xiaomi, Redmi and any other brands won’t be able to be traded in.

The amount you’ll get completely depends on the device you’re trading in and its condition. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in good condition can get you $700 or an iPhone XR could get you $230.

Whatever you trade in, if you’ve reserved the Galaxy Z Fold 3, you’ll also get an additional $100 off.

While you can also trade in a phone in the UK to save money on this new foldable phone, you won’t get that additional boost of $100 from the reserving incentives in the US.

Is this definitely the Samsung Z Fold 3?

As we said above, there has been no direct confirmation from Samsung on what this device is. However, the reservation page’s many uses of the term Fold and quotes around unique handsets makes it feel very on the nose.

Plus, all the leaks, confirmations and previous year’s release dates point to this being the release of the Samsung Fold. In other words, we would be incredibly shocked for this not to be the release of the Fold Z 3