The Honor Band 6 is the upcoming successor to the super affordable and surprisingly feature-packed Honor Band 5, and if you’re in the market for Honor’s upcoming fitness tracker you won’t have to wait long, as it’s being announced on November 3.

Despite that date being imminent, we haven’t actually heard a huge amount about the Honor Band 6 yet, but you’ll find what we have heard below, along with some educated guesses and analysis to fill in some of the gaps.

So read on for all the information about the Honor Band 6 price, release date, specs, features and more.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next cheap fitness band from Honor
  • When is it out? Being announced on November 3
  • How much will it cost? Expect it to be very cheap

Honor Band 6 release date and price

The Honor Band 6 is being announced on November 3. We know this because the company has confirmed as much on Weibo (a Chinese social network), although given that it has only made the announcement on a Chinese site so far, it’s possible that this initial launch will be China-only.

That means that while we’ll learn about the specs and features of the Honor Band 6 on November 3, we might not learn about global pricing and availability.

However, you can expect the Honor Band 6 to get a wider launch sooner or later, given that the Honor Band 5 did.

Though while that wearable was readily available in the UK, it didn’t get an official US or Australian launch (though third-party retailers stocked it), so the same may well be true with the Honor Band 6 – certainly the US is off the table, given the ongoing Huawei ban (which affects Honor too).

As for pricing, all we can do there is guess for now, but it’s likely to cost a similar amount to the Honor Band 5, which launched for £29.99 / $34.99 (via third-party retailers), which is around AU$55.

If anything though the Honor Band 6 might cost slightly more than that, as the Band 5 launched for a remarkably low price, undercutting even the Honor Band 4. In any case though the Honor Band 6 will almost certainly cost well under £100/$100.

Honor Band 6 leaks and news

We don’t know much about the Honor Band 6 yet, and most of what we have heard has come from Honor itself.

The big news came from a post the company made on Weibo, in which it said (via Google translate) that the wearable is a “full screen bracelet.” Presumably, that means the screen will cover the entire body of the wearable, and the company posted a teaser image backing that up, which you can see below.

Honor Band 6 teaser

(Image credit: Honor)

As you can see, the wearable shown in the image has a rectangular screen with very little bezel around it. It looks also like the screen might be slightly wider than the 0.95-inch one on the Honor Band 5, and the wearable seemingly lacks its predecessor’s circular button below the display.

The Honor Band 5 already has a touchscreen, but it seems the Band 6 might entirely depend on touchscreen interactions, so it makes sense that the display would be bigger – indeed, in our Honor Band 5 review we noted that the screen felt a bit small for swiping across.

We can’t tell anything else from the image, but we can speculate that some things will be the same as on the Honor Band 5. The Band 6 will almost certainly stick with a color AMOLED display for example, as the Band 5 has one and that’s the best type of screen that’s in common use on wearables.

The Honor Band 6 is also likely to stick with a silicone strap, as that’s what its predecessor has and it’s both good for exercise (which is a focus of the range) and helps keep costs lower than a metal or leather option would.

And the Honor Band 6 is likely also to have the same fitness features as the Band 5 – it may have some new ones too, but it’s unlikely to lose much from its predecessor.

That means you can probably expect step tracking, plus the ability to track numerous different exercise types, such as running, cycling, swimming, rowing, and more.

A heart rate monitor, water resistance to at least 5ATM, and sleep tracking are also very likely – though one thing there might not be is onboard GPS. The Honor Band 5 doesn’t have it, and while it could be added here, that’s the sort of feature that might push the price up. Then again, it would also help differentiate the Honor Band 6 from its predecessor, so you never know.