Being able to hear your games clearly is almost as important as being able to see them. Your Xbox Series X can handle the visual aspects just fine, but audio is down to your own setup. In a lot of cases, you may be playing in a shared space where you can’t get away with blasting your game at maximum volume for full immersion, but also can’t afford to invest in some expensive headsets. If you’ve already got a pair of AirPods laying around, those could be a great solution, though it might seem impossible to pair them to your console. Luckily, there is a workaround you can take advantage of.

A Roku 75-inch Class Plus Series QLED 4K Smart Roku TV hanging on the wall.

How to connect AirPods via a smart TV

If you have a smart TV, odds are it will come equipped with its own Bluetooth receiver. We can use this to get around your console’s lack of Bluetooth support.

Step 1: Go into your TV’s settings and locate the Bluetooth menu. It will likely be labeled as a Sound or Bluetooth menu.

Step 2: Hold the pairing button on your AirPod case and wait for them to show up on your TV as an option.

Step 3: Connect your AirPods to the TV. This will play any audio that would normally come from the TV’s speakers through your AirPods, including from your Xbox Series X.

There are also special Bluetooth adapters you can purchase and plug into your Xbox Series X controller to allow for Bluetooth compatibility if you do not have a smart TV and are willing to spend a little money to make it work.

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