As part of its Play at Home initiative to keep gamers entertained while sheltering in place from the pandemic, Sony is offering up the blockbuster adventure gameHorizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for free. You can snag it on PS4 and PS5 at no charge until May 14.

Although it was released back in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn remains a visually stunning action-adventure title that’s worth sinking several hours into. The game sees you take on the role of Aloy, a young hunter on 31st century Earth, looking for uncover the secrets behind her past as she battles to survive a planet dominated by robotic creatures.

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You’ll need a PSN account to get the game; it’s free to sign up, and don’t require a PlayStation Plus subscription. Once you’re logged in on your console, head to the PlayStation Store and locate the title to begin downloading it.

Besides being a worthy addition to any game collection, this should also set you up for the upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, which is slated to launch later this year.

Oh, and if you hurry, you can get a few more great titles for free until April 23:

There are a bunch more cool games you can get as part of Sony's Play at Home initiative
There are a bunch more cool games you can get as part of Sony’s Play at Home initiative

I can happily recommend Subnautica if you enjoy survival games and underwater environments; The Witness is worth a go for puzzle lovers too.

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